• Your Advantages using our services

    • Faster, more reliable, more flexible
    • As one of the world's largest ocean freight forwarders, PT. PERSADA BATAVIA MANDIRI offers outstanding, cost-effective logistics solutions designed to meet all sea transport challenges.
    • PT. PERSADA BATAVIA MANDIRI Ocean Freight transports freight by sea to all destination in the world wide.
    • Wherever your shipment is going, and whatever it is, we can offer you the ideal option. We ship from door to door reliably, flexibly and quickly.
    • By working with one of the world's leading LCL consolidators, you benefit from outstanding transit times and flexible, integrated multimodal solutions for pre- and on-carriage from port to port. In addition to reliable standard ocean freight solutions, PT. PERSADA BATAVIA MANDIRI is of course happy to provide custom logistics solutions tailored to your individual requirements.
  • Industry solutions

    • PBM Logistic beverages: The comprehensive logistics solution for transporting wines and other spirits 
    • PBM Logistic recyclables: The special solution for transporting recycable paper, plastic, metal and timber 
    • PBM Logistic perishables: The special sea freight solution for perishable consumer goods
  • Optional solutions

    PBM Logistic smartbox: Improved security for the transport of high-value goods in containers.

  • Core Products

    • PT. PERSADA BATAVIA MANDIRI or can mention with PBM Logistic
    • PBM Logistic complete: The solution for your full-container requirements (FCL transport)
    • PBM Logistic combine: Consolidation of container part loads (LCL transport)
    • PBM Logistic skybridge: Combines the advantages of air and sea freight: twice as fast as sea transport - half the price of air transport
    • PBM Logistic icm: Integrated Cargo Management – shipment organization and control from purchase order through to delivery
About Us

PT. Persada Batavia Mandiri

Persada Batavia Mandiri Logistics offers comprehensive and customised global logistics services that exceed all expectations. Supported by years of experience and all the right resources, we are committed to quality and ensuring that all logistics requirements are met in a timely and professional manner.

Well executed logistics programs provide our clients with a competitive edge by lowering operational costs and fast-tracking deliveries of end products. This invariably results in reduced inventories, streamlined processes and improved customer satisfaction.

Our clients look to us for solutions for their most complex transportation challenges. We respond with innovative services that meet the highest standard of quality and reliability, whilst transforming those challenges into opportunities for a competitive advantage.

At Persada Batavia Mandiri Logistics, it is our people who really make the difference. From developing innovative, tailored solutions to resolving the unexpected situations that are a part of daily commerce, our dedicated professionals see to it that the needs of each customer are fulfilled every step of the way.

PBM Logistic

PT. Persada Batavia Mandiri was established in the year 2012. At the beginning of our company is a company of shipping goods and documents at national and international levels both export and import.

PT. Persada Batavia Mandiri are freight companies that innovative and creative with a professional management. PT. Persada Batavia Mandiri also known as a reliable delivery service which is fast and reliable.

We as managers PT. Persada Batavia Mandiri always tries the best in providing service to customers in accordance with the expected customer and able to compete against a more competitive rivalry now.


PBM Logistic is a shipping and distribution services company which is professional and reliable in providing the best service. For the next five years the company will focus on realizing a steady and continuous growth. PBM Logistic has the right tools and resources to grow into a larger player in the Indonesian transport industry


Introduce, promote, provide and give satisfaction to customers in the form of transport, delivery of goods and play an active role in the distribution of goods in accordance with customer needs. Our team will help you personally by providing you with the best advice. We consider customer focus, quality of service and an efficient distribution of goods to be of paramount importance.


  • Company established under notarial deed number 2. Notary public Yaprita Sirait S.Sos, S.H. M.Kn. Domiciled in Bogor. On Tuesday, March 17, 2009 with headquarters in Griya Alam Sentosa Blok CC No. 12A-9, Cileungsi Bogor Regency and received permission SIUPK (Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan Kecil) with the number regristration : 4558 / 1.824.221 / 0609.
  • Expedition Indonesia already registered in the finance department the Republic of Indonesia directorate general of taxes with NPWP: 02.751.342.3-039.000 which is located at JalanKomp. Green Ville Blok A/21 DuriKepa Jakarta Barat 11510.
  • Right now, we also known as Persada Batavia Mandiri Logistics (PBM Logistics).


Operating a logistics network of any size is no mean feat, and we understand that it’s important to you to deliver a quality service on time, every time. We already achieve certification in the standard you need.

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ISO 18001:2007
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